tina machina (tina_machina) wrote in adventure_thurs,
tina machina

Second Annual, Baby.

For all of you who came last year, and those who wished they had! Be as fun and creative as you want with your costume, and remember...we won't deny you if you wear pants. You'll just be a little less cool than the rest of us :)

Parking is going to be a little tricky due to construction on Park Street. There should be parking available up on Danforth, but I would definitely suggest carpooling to avoid finding spaces for lots of cars! If you're interested in being a host car for the pooling or to catch a ride with someone else, let me know and I can network you.

If you want and or can bring supplies and foodstuffs, it'd be greatly appreciated. Drinks, snacks, and any sort of eatables are encouraged. As are paper towels, cups, plates etc.

Festivities start at 7PM. I can't wait to see you all.

Tags: no pants halloween
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