tina machina (tina_machina) wrote in adventure_thurs,
tina machina

!!! PROM !!!

As most of you already know, Thursday May 25th 2006 will be the


There will be a live DJ, the Notorious O.M.G. (a.k.a Jonathan), who will be providing the sweet beats for us to groove to. All the favorites and obscure loves will be represented, and requests taken, but not necessarily obliged :)

There will also be photos taken by Nick, complete with cheesy backdrops, to commemorate this awesome occasion.

Not having a date is no excuse to miss this event, as there will be a fantastic number of people coming stag as it is.

There is no dress code, but why not take this opportunity to live it up?

This will go down at the new Adventure Thursday location, directions to which can be disclosed with any form of contact (comment, e-mail [theedgeoftina@gmail.com], phone [756-0528]). Consider it a housewarming in addition!

We miss you all, and are ecstatic to bring back Thursday in all it's glory.

As a last note, in preparation for the proposed end of summer trip, we would appreciate a donation of any item that we might be able to sell on ebay to help fundraising efforts. We love you, and would love to make this all possible while still staying 'po.
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