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Calling on you to help.

This Thursday, March 23rd, we would really love and appreciate your help. It's common knowledge that we're moving, and that whenever anyone moves you find out just how much crap you've managed to accumulate. Well, our crap is plentiful and one way or another it's got to get from point A to point B. Take this as your warning that if you show up this week, we'll take it as an admission of willingness to help us in the endeavor :) The more people that can help us, the quicker we can get it done. And think of it this way; If you ever have to move, you'll automatically have people who will owe you one!

Again, we would love any help that any of you are willing to give. Thank you, and hope to see you there.

Also, don't forget!: Next week is Adventure Thursday:Goodbye Grant Edition !
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