tina machina (tina_machina) wrote in adventure_thurs,
tina machina


Oh, yeah. That's right. This Thursday, January 12th, will be your chance to attend a dandy little event I like to call the Adventure Thursday Ice Cream Social. Make sure you eat dinner before you come, because this party will be soley for desserting. If dessert were a verb. Which now it is. There will be a smattering of flavors already here, most likely the favorites of those people living here so you are encouraged to bring your own particular favorite flavor! Anything for sundae makings would be rad, as well.There will be board games for people to play and hopefully I can convince some of you to bring some musics that you would like to share with the rest of us. All in all, a sweet night for all of us to have a little something awesome. You can even have more than one cherry on top :)
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