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No, really! We're open! 
11:34am 09/01/2007
  For reals, I've started the weekly Adventure Thursday gig again. Just meaning that any Thursday night, if you've got nothing better to do, you know you can come to my house. Even though there is no furniture.

This week, I'd love to get people over so we can finally play Elise's new game, Deluxe Encore , which looks to be five kinds of fantastic. Don't sing? We care not! Come have fun anyway.


04:56pm 09/12/2006

it's back...

thursday, december 14th

tina's new place

good old fashioned hanging out

Second Annual, Baby. 
04:52pm 16/10/2006

For all of you who came last year, and those who wished they had! Be as fun and creative as you want with your costume, and remember...we won't deny you if you wear pants. You'll just be a little less cool than the rest of us :)

Parking is going to be a little tricky due to construction on Park Street. There should be parking available up on Danforth, but I would definitely suggest carpooling to avoid finding spaces for lots of cars! If you're interested in being a host car for the pooling or to catch a ride with someone else, let me know and I can network you.

If you want and or can bring supplies and foodstuffs, it'd be greatly appreciated. Drinks, snacks, and any sort of eatables are encouraged. As are paper towels, cups, plates etc.

Festivities start at 7PM. I can't wait to see you all.

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09:45pm 11/06/2006
This week's Adventure Thursday is one that I hope a good lot of you can attend.

Thursday, June 15th will mark the creation of an


I want something of all of you to place in a sealed vessel to capture an idea of who what where when why you are, and what our lives are like right here and now, two thousand and six. Perhaps one of my dorkiest moves, but come on...don't you want to put a little something in?
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07:00pm 07/06/2006
  So who is coming over tomorrow night??

The theme is: Entertain Julia.

41 Park Street
Apartment 2

call for directions;
207 221 2982
!!! PROM !!! 
11:54pm 16/05/2006
As most of you already know, Thursday May 25th 2006 will be the


There will be a live DJ, the Notorious O.M.G. (a.k.a Jonathan), who will be providing the sweet beats for us to groove to. All the favorites and obscure loves will be represented, and requests taken, but not necessarily obliged :)

There will also be photos taken by Nick, complete with cheesy backdrops, to commemorate this awesome occasion.

Not having a date is no excuse to miss this event, as there will be a fantastic number of people coming stag as it is.

There is no dress code, but why not take this opportunity to live it up?

This will go down at the new Adventure Thursday location, directions to which can be disclosed with any form of contact (comment, e-mail [theedgeoftina@gmail.com], phone [756-0528]). Consider it a housewarming in addition!

We miss you all, and are ecstatic to bring back Thursday in all it's glory.

As a last note, in preparation for the proposed end of summer trip, we would appreciate a donation of any item that we might be able to sell on ebay to help fundraising efforts. We love you, and would love to make this all possible while still staying 'po.
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01:07pm 25/04/2006
mood: enthralled
04:51am 18/04/2006

Adventure Thursday Easter Egg Hunt / Pool Party!

This Thursday, April 20th, come on over to join us for something that is wasted on young children. Easter may have come and gone, but we all know that the cheap post Easter candy is selling like mad. And we're just the organization to scoop it up. A scavenger hunt for the grown bodies and young minds, remind yourself of times when you would wake up early and wait for your mother to give the signal before you and your brother made a mad dash to find the most (and best!) eggs. Ok, perhaps that was just me. But the allure is still alive and well within me, and I feel sure to see it writhing close beneath the surface of a fair share of you :)

If you are interested in swimming, be sure to bring a babin' suit. Plenty of towels will be provided here.

If you're not in the know as far as location, please contact me at theedgeoftina@gmail.com and I will provide directions!

And for once, the terrifying easter bunny will not make an appearance. You can always sit in my lap, though.
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Losing time is too easy here. 
02:57pm 06/04/2006


Adventure Thursday Foster Home#1

So, I totally forgot what day it was an did not secure a place to foster Thursday until just now. Yes, I suck. Appologies all around, BUT...thanks to the kindness of alwaysbawling, we do in fact have a place to shimmy down tonight. That's right, the lovely Erica and Nikkiah are being totally rad and letting us come over to their house! If you are unsure of where they live, you can always give me a call at 756-0528

I'll get better on top of the other hosting sites, promise.
Calling on you to help. 
01:26am 21/03/2006
mood: grateful
This Thursday, March 23rd, we would really love and appreciate your help. It's common knowledge that we're moving, and that whenever anyone moves you find out just how much crap you've managed to accumulate. Well, our crap is plentiful and one way or another it's got to get from point A to point B. Take this as your warning that if you show up this week, we'll take it as an admission of willingness to help us in the endeavor :) The more people that can help us, the quicker we can get it done. And think of it this way; If you ever have to move, you'll automatically have people who will owe you one!

Again, we would love any help that any of you are willing to give. Thank you, and hope to see you there.

Also, don't forget!: Next week is Adventure Thursday:Goodbye Grant Edition !
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Adventure Thursday: Goodbye Grant Edition 
06:00pm 16/03/2006

This is goodbye for 11 Grant Street. No longer will we be partying down here on the fourth floor. Never again are you going to climb the rugged three flights of stairs to the very top. No more four storie water balloon/potato/pomegranate drops. We are so very sad to be leaving this place, but super happy to be going. You all have made this apartment a fucking fabulous place to live, and we want to give it a good send off.

Thursday March 30th
To say goodbye to the Grant Street pad
Food, drink, and your sick sick party skills.

As this is going down the day before we officially move out, there's going to be very little left in the place (read: nothing), and when do you really get a chance to hang out in an empty apartment? You do not want to miss this farewell, because you know that you were a part of what made it great.

See you there.
Ha! I totally didn't post this in the communtity....whoops... 
06:39pm 19/02/2006


Join us this Thursday, February 23rd, for a night of gambling (but not for keepsies, we're all too poor for that!) and enlightenment on just how well you know your fellow Thursday crew. You eat with them, you laugh with them, but can you tell if they are bluffing? If you're not the poker type, don't worry! There will be other games to be played, as well as the usual Thursday conversation to be enjoyed. Hope to see you there!

Sorry for the repeat post...
Girls night in. 
06:15pm 10/02/2006

Elise says Thursday is good for your healthCollapse )
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Tiny Tina Birthday Party! 
03:26am 10/02/2006
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10:40pm 30/01/2006
There are those of you who will not be excited about this.

For the rest of us...


Survivor Panama premieres this Thursday, February 2nd

This season there will be FOUR teams, and such things as an island for banished players.


We hope to see you :)
11:52am 26/01/2006

Whitney's birthday party, tonight! Any time after 5PM. We'll be here all night, so please please please
stop by to celebrate with us. I promise you that you will not forget it!
Call for details, because there are things you need to know

04:50am 20/01/2006

What? Freakin' Birthday party, yo.
When? Thurday, January 26th @ 5PM - ?????
Where? Adventure Thursday Headquarters (756-0528)
How old? Twenty-one, mo fo.
Why? 'Cause that's how we roll.
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01:52am 10/01/2006

Oh, yeah. That's right. This Thursday, January 12th, will be your chance to attend a dandy little event I like to call the Adventure Thursday Ice Cream Social. Make sure you eat dinner before you come, because this party will be soley for desserting. If dessert were a verb. Which now it is. There will be a smattering of flavors already here, most likely the favorites of those people living here so you are encouraged to bring your own particular favorite flavor! Anything for sundae makings would be rad, as well.There will be board games for people to play and hopefully I can convince some of you to bring some musics that you would like to share with the rest of us. All in all, a sweet night for all of us to have a little something awesome. You can even have more than one cherry on top :)
It is a very boring night here at work. 
03:43am 17/12/2005
  So I updated the info page for the community by adding interests picked from the listed interests of all the members. Time on my hands? Yes.  
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02:28am 17/12/2005
  In addition, there will be a Yankee Swap gift giving bonanza at the Holiday Party" ! So, you can bring a gift equal to/less than $5 and we will let the chaos take over. If you have no money to buy something, make something! Or just bring something that you think is neat but you no longer need. Pretty much anything. It's more for the fun of it than it is for getting kick ass presents.  
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