tina machina (tina_machina) wrote in adventure_thurs,
tina machina

Girls night in.

The night started off tame enough. Just five little girls. Elise, Julia, Mia, Stefanie (new!!!), and Tina.

Mia is adorable.

Then Pepo had to get involved, because he knows how handsome he is.

Sweet Pepo!

I swear he is smiling in this picture.

And there is Stefanie, who we (Elise and I) met at a bar (skeezy, huh?) and convinced to come into the madness. I think she adjusted quite well.

This is her face when she thinks about the 'notes' her roommate leaves her.

But we can make anyone forget about stuff like that.

This is where we really decided to ham it up, and get it on Glamour Shots by Deb style.

Her new myspace picture. Perfect.

Julia is my love, and she is a lovely love.


The hat really makes this picture.

"That's the hugest cock I've ever seen!"

Pretty cunnin', don't you think?

Mia is tough.

And confident. She will mess you up.

Even with that angel face.


The ass that took over the world.

The end.
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